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For more on this series, please click here. Social commentators in the United States say the public has shown a persistent tendency to label Chinese Americans as part of a generic Asian ethnic group in recent years, creating problems for the country's rapidly growing Asian communities. The observers say Americans typically "lump" Chinese Americans who have a "successful" public image in the same group as other ethnic Asian citizens whose livelihood struggles are little understood.

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But in a series of forceful statements on Tuesday, Richard A. Carranza, the schools chancellor, offered a blunt rebuttal to their claims. The battle revealed the charged emotions around who gets access to highly sought-after seats at the prestigious institutions, which include Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn Technical High School.

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Updated Edition, April 04, This new edition of our report on Asian Americans provides data on 14 smaller Asian origin groups with population counts belowin the Census, along with detailed data on the economic and demographic characteristics of adults in nine of these groups. Our original report contained survey and Census data on all Asian Americans as well as specific information on the six largest Asian origin groups. Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States.

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Noticeably absent were representatives from one group that would be heavily affected by the change: Asian-Americans, whose children dominate those schools. It does not seem to matter, Asian-American officeholders and activists say, that all five Asian-American elected officials at the city, state and federal levels are Democrats, like Mr. Andrew M.

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The facts about this are fairly well known in Japan now although there may still be people who wear masks in the misguided hope that they won't catch other people's colds despiteso it's not very accurate to try to imply that use of surgical masks in Japan is purely due to some sort of failure to understand germ theory or something like that. But for the most part, like many aspects of society, they serve only a decorative purpose. That's pretty interesting.

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Wake up and smell the Internet debate. So many Western people wonder why Asians deftly sleep by day in public — in libraries, on buses and during classes — that some have started online forums to find out. Sleep experts from Taiwan point to two causes that would apply here and throughout parts of East Asia where people doze off mid-day, far from their beds.

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Surgeons use them to protect patients from their mouth-borne germs, not the other way around. After the quake, the sky was filled with smoke and ash for weeks, and air quality suffered for months afterward. Facemasks came out of storage and became a typical accessory on the streets of Tokyo and Yokohama.

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But when Hollywood invokes non-Western metropolises for this purpose, the portrayals can be shallow—though this may not register with or feel significant to Western audiences. The film Lost in Translationfor instance—the story of two forlorn Americans befriending each other in a bewildering Tokyo—was roundly adored in the United States, earning an Academy Award and three Golden Globes, but in Tokyo it played in only one theater. Japanese viewers and critics as well as Asian-Americans found its depictions of Japanese people short, eccentric, unable to pronounce English correctly and urban life alienating, hypersexualized, and either ultramodern or nostalgically traditional discriminatory and insulting. While the depiction of the city and its inhabitants may not cause the same kind of offense as Lost in Translation, does this Hollywood portrayal do Singapore justice?

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This paper is a report of baseline data that the authors collected on the prevalence of hypertension in a sample of Southeast Asian immigrants residing in central Ohio and the implications of those data for the design of ethnically approved and scientifically valid interventions. The context for collection of these data over a 9-month period in is described. Baseline demographic characteristics including distributions by ethnicity, sex, age, and length of stay in the United States, as well as family heart health history, hypertension level, and heart health awareness of these subjects are presented.

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Asia is a sprawling continent with a long, contentious history. The region is dotted with territorial disputes, many deeply rooted in the past. As these frictions have waxed and waned, public sentiment has ebbed and flowed.


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